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Christy Payne, Principal, CP2 Consultants Event Planner

Christy is an accomplished corporate event manager and sales and marketing specialist with extensive experience in client management, brand development, print and digital marketing, internal and external shareholder communication, PR, vendor management, team management, contract negotiations, deadline management, budgeting and process improvement. She has a proven track record of increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profits.

Chelsea Petty, Principal, CP2 Consultants Event Planner

Chelsea is an event specialist focused on corporate and nonprofit events that deliver both great experiences and results. Her specialties include corporate meetings, conferences, trade shows, fundraisers; event marketing and social media; cost analysis; sponsor recruitment; vendor negotiations; auctions; speakers and entertainment contracting; registration; web site design, volunteer management.


Christy Payne, Principal, CP2 Consultants Event Planner

With 17 years in association management (10 of those overseeing the largest upstream oil and gas event in the world) and more than $4 million raised for wounded veterans, Robin brings executive-level expertise to our corporate and non-profit clients.

Christy Payne, Principal, CP2 Consultants Event Planner

Crystal brings more than 10 years of marketing know-how and both business and non-profit development prowess  to the CP2 team. Her passion for helping people and her creativity are the hallmarks of her work.

Christy Payne, Principal, CP2 Consultants Event Planner

Kate contributes the unique combination of an eye for design and programming skills to our team. That means she leaves every project, from event design to web design, both more beautiful and more functional. Her most recent project was planning her own wedding, down to the last detail.


We founded CP2 Consultants to provide the kind of goal-oriented event management businesses and non-profits need to further their visions. Our experience, dedication and attention to detail have been key factors in the creation of efficient, successful, well-reviewed events. Since 2001, we have partnered with non-profits, small businesses, corporations, associations, and political organizations, creating events of every size, purpose and budget.


What makes us different?

1. Services tailored to your needs, timeline and budget

Whether it be managing your event from conception to post-event evaluation, or just providing assistance with vendor management, booth sales, site selection, or reception theme, we can bring our know-how to bear to improve your bottom line, no matter how big or small that bottom line may be.


2. Detail-Oriented with your objectives in mind

From Twitter posts to place cards, speaker scripts to sponsor thank-you's, we make sure every detail communicates your organization's message and builds a postitive brand image.


3. Personal attention

While some firms brag about quantity, we believe quality time is the key to making an impact on your event, and we limit the number of projects we partner on at any one time to make sure our principals provide every client with the attention their event deserves.


Give us a call or email today and let's start talking about how CP2 Consultants might help your organization.


CP2 Consultants LLC



Tel: 214-395-2855


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